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Let’s get this out of the way: everything in Leavenworth, WA is going to be more expensive than it should be. It’s a tourist trap, and a remote one. I went to South expecting to pay a bit more than I would  for the same thing at home.

When we were seated, our server pointed out the salsa bar in the middle of the restaurant. Freshly made salsas seemed like a good sign, and the salsas were good. We picked up a few different types and sat back and waited for the basket of tortilla chips to arrive. When the waitress returned, I ordered the habanero shrimp as a starter and we also ordered our entrees.

The shrimp were delivered soon afterwards, and they were very tasty. They had a nice edge of char from the broiler, and they were spicy enough that I enjoyed the kick but not so spicy that I couldn’t enjoy the rest of my food afterwards. The portion, though, was pretty meager: 4 shrimp for about $10. It was around that time that I realized that we hadn’t been brought any complimentary tortilla chips, either. It turns out that they’re on the menu for $4.45.

Our entrees arrived pretty quickly, and my pork carnitas were properly broiled before being served (a step that many restaurants skip) and very tasty.  I understand that my S.O.’s Pascado Veracruz (cod) was also good, though I am taking her word for it. That said, it was pricey for what we got (or didn’t get). The Mexican place across the street from my apartment not only provides fresh chips, but will also provide freshly cooked tortillas… both complimentary, while we’re waiting.  Our waitress verified that their tortillas come from Seattle. The lunch platters were $13 and $14, but still significantly smaller than I’ve ever seen at a Mexican place, even for lunch. That was actually fine… they were a good size for lunch, I just wish they’d been priced accordingly. However, these prices are pretty much in line with the town, so I can’t complain too much. All in all, it was enjoyable. The decor is contemporary and funky, the servers were friendly… I’d probably go back.

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South Restaurant, Leavenworth WA: Good Food, Bad Value
The food was good and fresh, but if it were anywhere else, it would not be good enough to justify the prices they charge. In Leavenworth, this is about par for the course, but still... some chips would have been nice.
Menu Variety & Originality6
5.9Overall Score
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