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Steelhead Root Beer

While visiting Eugene, Oregon last June I met my family at the Bier Stein for lunch, and among the hundreds of bottles of beer in the refrigerators, I found Steelhead Root Beer and had two bottles with my meal.... Read More
Scuttlebutt Root Beer

Scuttlebutt Root Beer

I'd lived near the Scuttlebutt Brewery for nearly a year before I realized that they actually produce a root beer. Unfortunately, it is not available in bottles or cans; if you want to try it, you'll have to vi... Read More
Bulldog vs A&W Root beer

Bulldog Root Beer

So far, I've sampled about a dozen different root beers produced by Orca Beverage in Mukilteo, WA, and I think that I can safely say that Bulldog is the best of them. Unfortunately, that does not mean that Bull... Read More
Crater Lake Root Beer comparison
5Not Bad.

Crater Lake Root Beer

Crater Lake Root Beer is a pretty unremarkable brew out of Portland, OR. And the remarks that I do have are not especially good. Crater Lake opted for a clear bottle rather than brown, which is interesting. I d... Read More
Bedfords Root Beer Compared to A&W Root Beer
6Not Bad.

Bedford’s Root Beer

My first experience of Bedford's was with their Creme Beer when I was a kid back in circa-1988 Missoula. Bedford's Creme Beer was the beverage of choice in my group of friends while gorging on pizza or  spaghet... Read More
Hummingbird Hill Birch Root Beer compared to A&W

Hummingbird Hill Birch Root Beer

Hummingbird Hill sodas are truly products of the Northwest, having been first home-brewed and sold at a farmers market in Silverdale, WA in 2004. Today, the Root Beer, Birch Root Beer, and Sarsaparilla are bott... Read More
Henry Weinhard's Root Beer compared to A&W Root Beer

Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

I first tasted Henry Weinhard's Root Beer back in the mid 1990s, and it was almost instantly my favorite.  Like Thomas Kemper, I believe that it was actually manufactured in the Northwest at the time (Portland,... Read More