Tool Tuesday: Microplane-Style Graters

Microplane-Style Graters For a variety of reasons, the microplane-style grater is one of my “go to” tools in the kitchen. Used for zesting citrus fruits and finely grating cheeses and spices, the microplane-st... Read More

Tool Tuesday: Hardwood Cutting Boards

Hardwood Cutting Boards Since we last featured knives in this column, I thought I’d highlight the good knife’s necessary partner – a hardwood cutting board.  Nothing will turn your knife blade to a dull cutter... Read More

Tool of the Week: Shun Knives

Shun Knives Ask any chef and they’ll tell you that the one kitchen tool they can’t live without is a good knife.  The same is true in my home kitchen.  I cannot live without my stunning Shun knives, and I’ll t... Read More
John Howie Steak, zabutan 8oz medium rare
8.1Yum... Cha-Ching!

Review: John Howie Steak, Bellevue, WA

Just inside the elegant but dimly lit entryway to John Howie Steak in Bellevue, the warm glow of a display case draws the visitor's eye to its contents: marbled red beef. And rightly so--  John Howie Steak's me... Read More
Old Soul Half-Rack of Ribs

Ole Soul Southern Creole, Everett

At the quiet end of Hewitt Avenue, near Everett's industrial waterfront, is the entrance to Ole Soul Southern Creole. On a dark, rainy evening, the eatery seems to be nestled in between boarding houses in a fad... Read More
Tampopo still shot, ramen master with student

Top 10 Movies About Food

Food is so important in all of our daily lives, it's surprising that there are so few movies in which if plays a leading role. I'm not talking about documentaries and fad diet videos (though I admit that some o... Read More