Bedfords Root Beer Compared to A&W Root Beer

Bedford’s Root Beer

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My first experience of Bedford’s was with their Creme Beer when I was a kid back in circa-1988 Missoula. Bedford’s Creme Beer was the beverage of choice in my group of friends while gorging on pizza or  spaghetti and garlic bread. Having been Dungeons & Dragons types, we liked the medieval script on the label and the cool looking banner.

In any case, it was with fond childhood memories on my mind that I purchased my first bottles of Bedford’s Root Beer a few weeks ago. The bottles still bear the same distinctive “B” on the label, and the Creme Beer is still pretty good. I had run across the bottles of both during a trip to the Root Beer Store, and I was a little bit proud to discover that Bedford’s is a true Northwest root beer, originally hailing from Port Angeles, but now bottled by Orca Beverage in Mukilteo, WA.

Bedford’s turned out to be a good root beer, but not a great one. The head was a little better than other Orca Beverage root beers that I’ve tried; during the pour, a low head of froth topped the liquid, and about a half-inch of it lingered for several seconds afterward. That’s still a pretty pathetic head, but it was at least a head, which is more than I can say for many Orca-made root beers that I’ve tried.

The flavor strikes me as nice and bright, but perhaps top-heavy. It’s nice and sweet and does not suffer from an excessive amount of wintergreen; the honey and vanilla are most prominent to me, and the fragrance is sweet and almost floral. However, this root beer has a medium-light body but lacks the depth and richness of flavor that I’ve found in others. Still, it’s a good root beer… just not among my favorites.

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[Main Photo: This image provides a comparison between Bedford’s and A&W Root Beers, with Henry’s on the left. Both were poured at about the same time prior to being photographed, but the image is a composite.]